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To compensate for header ads (imposed after-the-fact by Tripod) in this new cssJS.html version, entire CSS-layout positioning was nested inside outer <div id= "wrap"> with position: relative value.

Nested CSS-positioning explored here displayed content below header ads but centering varied:

  • Firefox Win nicely centered below header ads;
  • Firefox Mac off-center (to left) below header ads;
  • IE 6.0 Win WAY off-center (FAR right) below header ads;
  • IE 5.2 Mac off-center (to left) below header ads;
  • Safari 2.0.2 Mac off-center (to left) below header ads;
  • Opera 8.5 Mac off-center (to left) below header ads.

CSS centering is a bother. Started <div id= "wrap"> with CSS margin: auto (also text-align: center to body for IE), which is supposed to center elements. That failing, added display: block. Even enclosed eveything in <div align= "center">. Phooey!

All above failing to center, we added JavaScript from DevX article Two Roads Converging by Tom Duffy. DOM centering script did not resolve off-center (to left) positioned page in most browsers and messed up GoTo button's position in some, but FINALLY it solved unacceptable IE6.0 Win FAR right positioning. Example div had position: absolute (whereas we're using position: relative so content will clear header ads). IE6.0 Win had problem with <body onResize= "history.go(0)">.

Sites hosted circa 2000 by now-defunct server:

Ahem, excuse us! If you can see this message, your browser is not CSS2 complaint. This site employs Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript so it looks better in browsers that support Web standards.

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