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When this CSS-layout page was created circa 2002, Tripod offered (and honored) option to either have Tripod ads displayed as headers OR as pop-up windows. We opted for pop-up windows. Tripod subsequently imposed both, and — since there is no way to determine in advance how Tripod will impose their ads — it is impossible to properly position CSS <DIVs>. For now, we're leaving this page as is to remind ourselves that CSS-layout pages can be a disaster.

AHEM, excuse us! If you can see this message, your browser is not CSS2-complaint. This site looks better in browsers that support Web standards.

A touch of Flash & ImageReady Animated GIFs.

Currently there is no "real content" on this site. It is basically experimental class work for CG215 Web Page Construction II at SUNY/FIT in NYC. And, as the Spring 2002 semester is coming to a crunching close, we're slapping it together in a haphazard fashion trying to comply with the requirements of the final. Most of the experimentation at this site is under "NAVIGATION," which also includes some layout options.

Our main CSS2 venture was added to another site, namely:

We're dealing with three existing, outdated, table-formatted "freebie" sites hosted by Tripod. One of the inherent problems with these old separate but related sites is the mishmash of different blues. The temporary colors displayed herein are dismal, especially in terms of readability. And, perhaps, even worse is the lack of navigational consistency. Of course, with no "real content" there is no central theme. So please understand that this is experimental. We are exploring different approaches in our attempt to come up with HTML4- and CSS2-compliant layout and navigation solutions.

While the W3C goals and standards are commendable, we must admit to frustration and a temptation to revert to table-formatted page layouts.

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Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor
Thursday, September 27, 2001

Russian Sheep Dog in Central Park (9/12/01)

Corkey Cat

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