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Animated GIF Rollovers Not Working

Dr. Craig D. Knuckles' "Introduction to Interactive Programming on the Internet Using HTML and JavaScript" (2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) is outdated in some respects (promoted table-formatted page layouts and not CSS). But Doc Knuckles presented some interesting tidbits about Internet and WWW history and JavaScript. His concept (p.348) of using for loop to create parallel arrays of rollovers was just what we were searching for. Ooooh! We cannot get it to work! Just the first rollover is activated (for all the other JEPGs). Maybe we're asking tooooo much?

We're trying to set this up so onMouseDown (NN does not recognize "onMouseOver"?) will show animated GIF version. But it's difficult since remoteControl is set to replace original name="main_image" with other JPEG images that are not yet included in this "display_window."