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"mistyGases" (cut shown as GIF) is PIA04225: N44C nebula

"prettyBlue" is PIA04249: Close-up of M27, Dumbbell Nebula

"Sweetie Pumpkin PI"

For more info see: Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Wide Field Planetary Camera2
and/or IPAC Two Micron All Sky Survey

This is still a simple (now outdated) table-formatted page. We're currently experimenting with Cascading-Style-Sheet-compliant formatting and navigational solutions. Flash, Director, AfterEffects multimedia possibilities are great but unacceptable when player does not download and access to content is denied. Thus, we're trying a mixed bag with HTML4, CSS2, JavaScript and ImageReady animated GIFs.

The ultimate solution should be player- and browser-independent. We anxiously await SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) — maybe using XML (EXtensible Markup Language) and/or XUL (XML User-interface Language) so graphics like Illustrator can be uploaded without a player.

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GOES Weather Satellites Helios Prototype Airplane 1, 2 Hubble Space Telescope 1, 2
<meta name="author" content="Diane Fisher,">

<!-- // Starting comment to hide JavaScript code from Non-JavaScript Browsers
// Animation Toggle Script written by Eric Tauer for Dave Doody. 11/02/2000
// Define "Animation" prototype to be used by all Animation objects
function Animation(name,state,still_src,live_src)
{ = name;     // name of image.
this.state = state;     // Indicates whether image is live or still.
this.still_src = still_src;     // source (URL) for still image.
this.live_src = live_src;     // source (URL) for animated image.
this.Toggle = Toggle;     // method (function) to switch animation from still to live and back.
// Create "Toggle" method (i.e., function) to switch animation's state. Each "Animation" object can utilize this function
// to switch back and forth between animated and still...
function Toggle()

if (this.state == "still")
// If true, image is currently still so bring it to life...
document.images[].src = this.live_src;

// ...and make a note that it's now animated.
this.state = "live";

// If state is not "still", it's already animated and user wants it stopped. So make it still...
document.images[].src = this.still_src;

// ...and make a note that it's now still.
this.state = "still";

// Create an "Animation" object for this page's first animatable image, Eros...

goes = new Animation(); = "goes";     // Note that this is the same name in HTML img tag.
goes.state = "still";     // Default for the image is still (un-animated).
goes.still_src = "goes_still.gif";
goes.live_src = "goes.gif";

// End definition of first object.

// Create an "Animation" object for this page's second animatable image, Eros...

poes = new Animation(); = "poes";     // Note that this is the same name in HTML img tag.
poes.state = "still";     // Default for the image is still (un-animated).
poes.still_src = "poes_still.gif";
poes.live_src = "poes.gif";

// End definition of second object.
// -->

<script language="JavaScript">
// Define Variables

var rolloversOK = 0;

// Check browser version being used...

browserName = navigator.appName;
browserVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);

if (browserName == "Netscape" && browserVer >= 3) rolloversOK = 1;
else if (browserName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && browserVer >= 4) rolloversOK = 1;

// Create image objects, preload all active and inactive images.

if (rolloversOK) {

img1on = new Image ();
  img1on.src = "../toolbar_over-01-01.gif";
img2on = new Image ();
  img2on.src = "../toolbar_over-01-02.gif";

img1off = new Image ();
  img2off = new Image ();

function imgOn (imgName) {
if (rolloversOK) {
eval ("document [imgName].src = " + imgName + "on.src");

function imgOff (imgName) {
if (rolloversOK) {
eval ("document [imgName].src = " + imgName + "off.src"); }
// -->

<A href="javascript:goes.Toggle();">
<img name="goes" src="goes_still.gif" border="0" ALIGN="RIGHT" alt="Satellite in geostationary orbit is always above the same point on Earth."></A>

<A href="javascript:poes.Toggle();">
<img name="poes" src="poes_still.gif" border="0" alt="Earth rotates below a satellite in polar orbit."></A>

<a href="../index.shtml" onmouseover="imgOn('img1')" onmouseout="imgOff('img1')"><img name="img1" src="../toolbar-01-01.gif" width="78" height="100" border="0"></a>
<td><a href="../make.htm" onmouseover="imgOn('img2')" onmouseout="imgOff('img2')"><img name="img2" src="../toolbar-01-02.gif" width="79" height="100" border="0">